Well, I'm involved in a DD/lg relationship. I'm a very proud member of the BabyGirl Army:) I have a wonderful Daddy that I love VERY much, he means the world to me. We live about 140 miles apart, so I don't get to see him everyday:(... That's why I spend alot of time online goofing around. I love Hello Kitty, animals, the color pink & spending time with Daddy. Always looking to meet & chat with other baby girls.
Hope you enjoy my blog. <3




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Whenever I play with myself daddy always tells me that I’m not allowed to cum until he says so, sometimes I cum just so I get punished….


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Does anything say “I own you” more than impaling a girl with your cock? I don’t think so.

"It’s a nice pickle we’ve landed ourselves in, Mr. Frodo!"
— Sam Gamgee


How do you know when you’re a 'Daddy's girl…'
pet: Hmm…I’ll have to consider that….

Perfect, it’s the embodiment of it all. Right where she belongs giving her undivided attention while he fixates her head as he pleases and lays claim to his possession.

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I like this one.


A tie by John Willie that he describes as follows:

This tie keeps her arms and hands bound tightly at her sides, but otherwise she is free to move normally.  It is very secure and one that even Houdini did not like. It is easy to do, but a little difficult to describe.  You drape a long cord round the back of the neck with the two ends falling over the shoulders in front (see fig. 1). It doesn’t go around the throat but is just draped over the neck. Then you bring the ends back under the arm pits (2–F), cross over in the middle of the back near the waist (2–B), around in front again (2–F) and then back between the thighs (2–B) and up to the wrists (3). The only time the rope is crossed is in the middle of the back. You pull it as tight as you can and tie it to each wrist separately as they are held close together in back (3). You then pull the ends around the thighs (4–B, thus pulling the wrists apart until each one is resting just back of the thighs and tie the cord in front (4–F).

The advantage of this “wrap around” tie is that no matter how the body twists or turns it does not get slack anywhere.  It is like a skimpy bra-and-G- string costume in which she can perform all sorts of contortions and her breasts will stay in and not fall out.

If a clove hitch is tied around each wrist the more the captive struggles the tighter it will become. In addition it is quite impossible to move the hands around, one further back and the other further in front.  When this has been done you simply tie a cord as tightly around the waist and arms as you can and that is that (4–B & F).

To make this even tighter and more secure tie a cord to the one at the back of the neck (5) and then pass it around the one that goes around the waist and arms, pulling tight so the cord at the neck is dragged down a bit and the one around the arms up a bit. Then carry on down to the wrists. Now here you pass it around the cord to, say, the left wrist, between the wrist and where it disappears between the legs (5) and then under the other cord which goes to the right wrist. Then pull up to tie it at the cord around the elbows again (6). This should draw the cord at the elbows down a bit nearer to its original posi­tion and pull the one at the back of the neck auto­matically down further It also draws the cords which come from between the legs to the wrists close together and the higher up they are drawn to­gether the tighter they will be around the wrists and the tighter up between the legs.